The Corthell Family

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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

Oregon (9)
Idaho (9)
Colorado (8)
Illinois (7)
Montana (5)
Indiana (4)
Missouri (3)
Washington (3)
Kentucky (2)
OR (2)
California (2)
one had to be completely amputated and the other at the knee. (1)
Died at 11mo
Died at 18days of chromozonal disorder
Died at age 23 of TB
Died of Cancer
Texas (1)
NV (1)
Located birth and death date in I.G.I. (L.D.S.) and in Social Security Death Index
Connecticut (1)
CT (1)
New York (1)
MA (1)
Oklahoma (1)
was at Perl Harbor during bombing (1)
CA (1)
1/4 Indian
Pennsylvania (1)
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