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USA (16)
Oregon (10)
Idaho (9)
Colorado (8)
Illinois (7)
Montana (5)
Indiana (4)
Missouri (3)
Washington (3)
Massachusetts (2)
Kentucky (2)
OR (2)
California (2)
CA (1)
Pennsylvania (1)
llinois (1)
Served in WWII in Okinawa
Songs and Poetry
Canada (1)
Birth mother knew she was dying when Jim was 2mo so gave Jim to best friend to raise and at that point the stepmom Ina Corthell renamed Jim James Corthell
White Pine Cemetary (1)
WA (1)
one had to be completely amputated and the other at the knee. (1)
Kansas (1)
Died at 11mo
Worked at FortPeck Indian Reservation in Montana as an Indian Agent during the war his GF fell in love with "someone else" so he changed his name to "Carl L. Stanley" saying that no one woul
Died at 18days of chromozonal disorder
Died at age 23 of TB
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